If You Haven’t Already Heard: Battle Flags

We’re cranking out the category content here on the INLE mothership.  Second debut of the day.  If You Haven’t Already Heard will be pretty straightforward.  When we happen upon something scintillating, you’ll find it here.  As with most discoveries, their announcement is generally the result of someone else’s work.  We pledge to never pawn off anything in this category as our own unless we literally found it on the ground somewhere and it rocked.  The Blogroll section on the page footer has some incredibly reliable and interesting sources (more to come, I’m sure).   Friends share good music with friends.  If you hear something, hit us up at the e-mail address in the sidebar.  Oh, yessir.  We’s mass communicatin’, bitches.  If You Haven’t Already Heard starts now.  AND it just happens to be locally cultivated.  Richmond, VA, stand up.

What the fuck is going on in Richmond, Virginia?  Spring has things warmer, greener and if you’ve got Battle FlagsColor Engine, you’re starting the warm weather season well.  I’m excited about this album and the artist.   Even though it’s been out awhile – since early March – I’m guessing it’s not in our readers’ heavy rotation.  Yet.

Battle Flags is Jack Budd.  One man studying music at VCU not too many years ago.  Now?  Well, suffice it to say the fine folks at the VCU School of the Arts did a fairly effective job.  Their work may have been easy in this case as Budd seems unfairly talented.  However, we all know talent doesn’t necessarily equate to a quality product at day’s end.  Not the case here.  Battle Flags seem to have the talent/product formula worked out.

Check him out on iTunes or order the real thing . . . if you haven’t already heard.

Battle Flags’ Siren Songs:

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One thought on “If You Haven’t Already Heard: Battle Flags

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