We’re trying to turn it up!

Here’s an important, albeit wordy, update on the goings-ons here at It’s Not Loud Enough (also lovingly referred to as INLE).  People actually seem to be visiting the site in decent numbers, which is truly outstanding.  We’ve got more (read: better) ideas and we’re looking forward to dropping those very soon.

The real purpose of this seemingly music-free post?  Feedback, feedback, feedback.  Don’t want to comment?  Makes sense.  I’m always a little nervous about being grammatically corrected or getting an awful string of  “ZOMG! LMFAO! u cant spell!! txt abbrvtns r grt!” from someone in a comment thread.  I get that.  And it is the exact reason we have our very own ELECTRONIC MAIL address (link over there in the sidebar, click, opine, send)!  We expected hints, news, suggestions and tips galore.  So far all we’ve gotten is an offer to buy generic Cialis from a well-respected Canadian pharmacy (says Canada, sounds Russian).  Really.

Our name implies tremendous erectile function, doesn’t it?  How can this be our only piece of mail?  INLE hearts everyone that has checked out this little adventure of ours, we sincerely do.  We’re going to keep plodding along regardless . . . but if you stop in and suddenly think “Man…Cazador?  Why does he keep saying ‘we’ when he’s the only one posting…this blog sucks…i’m going back to google images to look at pictures of baby bunnies,” please stop and share that with us.  Dang.  We just want a chance to make it right.  The flipside is that if you think it rules, share it with those that might agree.

Oh – and the “we” is just the long-term pronoun preference.  We hope to eventually have multiple contributors posting regularly, making you smile and giving you some solid content as well.  Hey – if you think you’d be good at making INLE better with your own content contribution, that’s a kind of feedback we might like to consider, too.  Think on it, kiddos.

No music?  No fair!  John’s right.  There’s only one way to go out, indeed.

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One thought on “We’re trying to turn it up!

  1. kipton says:

    i am down with the we.

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