If You Haven’t Already Heard: Frightened Rabbit

Damn.  Good.  This isn’t as much of a discovery as Battle Flags was earlier in the week, but around la casa de Cazador, Frightened Rabbit‘s The Winter of Mixed Drinks has been played early, often and with considerable volume.  The Winter of Mixed Drinks is the third album from 2003-born Scottish band.  Even if you don’t care for the sound, let’s take a moment and appreciate the album title.  Well done, gentlemen.

INLE sample song suggestions are FootShooter, Not Miserable and Living in Colour.  It’s a little like St. Patrick’s Day got it’s ass kicked by the living, breathing personification of rock n’ roll who then immediately impregnated a Scottish virgin.  That makes no sense.  Or does it?  Frightened Rabbit, everyone . . . if you haven’t already heard.


2 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Already Heard: Frightened Rabbit

  1. AL says:

    Something about you recommending an album by a group of frightened rabbits should remind us all of our childhood (prod, prod. chuckle, chuckle.) .

    I now count this in my music e-catalog, thanks to this written review and an in-person suggestion from yours truly. No, not me, YOURS truly. Aw dammit it was you, Hunter, I mean Cazador.

    • Cazador says:

      I miss that damn rabbit. Thanks for bringing it up. And I know not of this “Hunter” you speak of. Cazador is Spanish for “Adam Lambert.” Clearly. BTW, I like your comment alias. Al. So simple, yet meaningful. This is for you.

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