If You Haven’t Already Heard: Two Door Cinema Club

While we’re getting the new folks accustomed to all the levers, lasers, bells and whistles, here’s a If You Haven’t Already Heard that we couldn’t wait to post.

Want proof that we’re listening?  If You Haven’t Already Heard comes this day from commenter Dave M.  This kind, intelligent and worldly individual spied Two Door Cinema Club opening for Phoenix in Atlanta last weekend.  He wrote.  We read.  The credit is yours, Dave M.  A toast of brown liquor (potentially warm) from INLE in your specific direction.  Kick us off, sir:

A band called Two Door Cinema Club opened up for Phoenix on Saturday. VERY impressive. They announced this was their first ever show in the United States . . . seemed to be feeling the vibe of the Tabernacle. Apparently they’re from Ireland and were supposed to play a couple earlier shows with Phoenix, but they got hung up when that volcano in Iceland grounded most of Europe. Drummer was very impressive live; great energy.

First.  Live.  Show.  In America.  Thumbs fucking up.

That volcanic eruption, and the ensuing finger bang to world travel, actually made this post more meaningful.  A miracle of sorts . . . and all those folks stranded in airports thought it was for nothing.

Two Door Cinema Club has had about a day’s worth of heavy rotation in these parts.  Good things.  Plus, we’ve already got proof of a well-performed live act.  You’ve all just won twice.  High-five.  You can catch these guys stateside until mid-Mayish.  They make me want to jump around the room with joy and the energy is, in fact, undeniable.

Two Door Cinema Club . . . if you haven’t already heard.

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