Stealing the Covers: Regina Spektor, No Surprises

Content everywhere.  Debuts and new categories galore.  How will we ever run out of stuff to throw on this creation?  Stealing the Covers is just going to be a chance for us to offer some rare, odd and hopefully incredible covers we come across.  With that, here’s a brand new one.

Regina Spektor takes on Radiohead‘s No Surprises.   Wait on it.  You ready?  Are you really prepared for this shocking piece of otherworldly writing:  NO SURPRISE THAT IT IS TRULY WELL DONE!

Man, this shit is so easy.  

La esposa de Cazador is a considerable fan of Ms. Spektor.  And I happen to be a fan of Radiohead.  I bet our kids will LOVE this song one day. 

Sorry.  Back to the music.  Radiohead isn’t a place you should generally go for your cover material unless you’re playing to a crowd of impaired, twenty-something friends in someone’s basement (or on a college radio station in 2001 /itwasamazing).  Regina Spektor did this one well, though.

You should check it out [Thanks, SPIN].  It might make you want to set yourself on fire and jump from a good height through a plate-glass window, but if you can resist that urge, you’re golden.

Most importantly, 100% of the iTunes proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders Emergency Relief Fund.  My $1.29 doesn’t help the iPad’s problems, no sir.  It helps real folks.  Huzzah.  INLE is now officially trying to make the world a better place!  Fuck AND yes.

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