Jumping in with…

A gentle cajoling is how I would describe my joining you and MAN am I excited to share some laughs and more importantly some tasty tunes that make me shake my disco stick. INLE feels like home already, loud and irreverent is definitely in our wheelhouse.
I figured my first post should show some pedigree not only to garner some blog cred, but to appropriately start my musical yearbook around kindergarten (I know, cute right?). Little Feat was one of the first bands I felt like they were singing directly to me. My appreciation for these L.A. funk masters was renewed as an adult once I was reunited with my misplaced (not lost if I found them) car keys thanks to my green Little Feat bottle opener key chain. Yeehaw!
Lowell George’s voice is one of those rock anomalies that’s so special, it’s destined to come and go quickly. I don’t know anyone that ODs on purpose, but the report on George’s death, which took place 23 months after the taping of this performance in ’79, was declared accidental. If you like this clip, buy the criminally good double album recorded in ’77, Waiting for Columbus. Put it in and let it play, Couscous’ orders.
This German television show, Rockpalast, starting taping bands in ’74 and is still showcasing the coolest acts around today. A German Old Grey Whistle Test with balls if you will. Don’t know that reference? Google that shit homeboy.
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