Links: Clickable Treats, Thanking Johnsons, Dance

Before we get to these meaty links, how ’bout Couscous Johnson coming strong day one?   After the links, a gratuitous video thanks provided.  Good first day, Mr. Johnson.  You rock, robot . . . around the world.  ONTO THE LINKS!

Much like INLE and our seemingly never ending string of debuts, Sleigh Bells‘ debut album drops May 11.  Full song available on the link below is Tell ‘Em.  It is the first track on the new album.  The album is Treats.  The sound is loud, the beat is true and whether you love, hate or can’t decide, it requires that you pay attention. [Pitchfork]

Mumford & Sons.  Kicking ass with no drummer.  We’ll be seeing these guys in DC very soon.  For that, we’re quite enthusiastic.  [SPIN]

Just proving more and more why The Roots are bad ass.  We had to include this only because of the mass appeal they add to their already-effective product.  Guests on their new album include Joanna Newsom, John Legend, and Jim James . . . PLUS they’re covering Monsters of Folk‘s Dear God (seems implied that James’ recording was not associated with the MoF cover)!  Shivers of anticipation, commence!  [DrownedInSound]

You’ll need to brace yourself for whiplash about the 3:10 mark.  It’s hump day, kids.  Dance.


4 thoughts on “Links: Clickable Treats, Thanking Johnsons, Dance

  1. Sideburns says:

    Hopefully Sleigh Bells is better than Slay Bells. I bought that album in my uncomfortable Swedish power metal phase in college.

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