Piggyback Caz…

Johnny Blaze brings back nothing but good memories. Back when ecstasy was still cool (and potent), walking into a club in College Station, TX of all places, hearing this remix, the place went OFF (oh and there were 8 sororities there for Derby Days, that didn’t hurt either). Took me six months to track down this record. You can find this remix on MTV’s AMP2 disc. If your heart beats and your body needs oxygen, this shit is nasty.

4 thoughts on “Piggyback Caz…

  1. Cazador says:

    Sorority girls, as a rule, love the shit out of Wu-Tang and Sheryl Crow . . . in equal measure. It’s uncanny. And scientifically proven . . . for the most part.

  2. c-note says:

    Wu-tang financial…you’ve gotta diversify your bonds n****

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