If You Haven’t Already Heard: Jay Electronica

Another “by no means unheard of artist” here (especially purveyors of Sirius/XM’s hip-hop channels), but one that you’ll likely be hearing about on a larger scale very soon.   Put simply:  Based on what’s available, in my opinion, Jay Electronica is doing it better than almost anyone else.  URB magazine referred to Jay Electronica “like some sort of hip hop Jack Kerouac.”  Whoa.  Almost immediately, you learn that he’s not about chains, cars, guns and drugs.  Borrowing lines from MGMT is not something you’d expect halfway through a new rap artists’ single.   

I shock you like an eel, Electric Feel, Jay Electra.

The subject matter is timely and it’s woven into insane lyrics.  From New Orleans, he’s lived in Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Denver and Detroit.  This can only mean his non-regional diction is superb.  It doesn’t sound East, West, South or any other direction (North, right?).  The sound?  Tremendous.  Beyond all this, he’s not just a rapper.  His wikipedia page presents him more as a modern day composer.  It’s almost unfair to call him “new” as I did earlier.  Regardless of his resume, my hunch is most are too unfamiliar. 

The buzz is building . . . if you haven’t already heard.


3 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Already Heard: Jay Electronica

  1. c-note says:

    Not nearly enough has been done on this cat. He spits hotter fire than Dylan eating jalapenos while doing bikram yoga inside a steam bath on Mercury.

    Jay-electronica/jay-elechannukah/jay-elecyarmulke/jay-electramadaanmuhammadasalaamicarasoulallahsupanawatallah through your monitor.

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