Timeless and Timely: Willie Nelson

The debuts are dwindling, but we’ve got plenty to work with, I’d say.  Timeless and Timely is just a little tribute to those two things.  Timeless music, performer remembered or mentioned for a timely reason.  I’m absolutely pumped that the debut of Timeless and Timely is something this extraordinary.

Who’s that ol’ red-headed stranger?  Oh, you know!  Happy f’n Birthday from INLE to Willie Hughes Nelson!

A man’s man even after 77 years . . . the wavering voice, the long hair, the always present assumption that if he had your tolerance, he’d be unable to function right at that very moment.  Yet there he stands, 77, singing on a stage.  Remarkable.

He wrote songs for Patsy Cline and Roy Orbison in the 60s.  He made his own place in the 70s and 80s, which clearly remains.  This guy played, wrote and sang with effectively everyone who matters from 1965 to today.  The list is too long, but it’s full of real badasses.

Everyone knows you, Willie.  They don’t need us learnin’ ’em any more than necessary.  We’ll leave it at this:  Happy birthday, Willie Nelson, you ol’ sumbitch.

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