Perhaps: You’re attending a Kentucky Derby party

If you are, there’s no doubt madras, seersucker and big hats are involved.  There’s also a decent chance bourbon is being administered in every known capacity.  We truly hope that the simple syrup cured overnight in the fridge and the mint is correctly muddled (HOLY SHIT THE GUY IN THE VIDEO OWNS MUDDLING BECAUSE HE’S SO SERIOUS ABOUT MUDDLING, MOTHER…!).

For you, we could throw you Run for the Roses by Dan Fogelberg . . . or Run For The Roses by Jerry Garcia.  Only one of those is about horses.  HOWEVER, we’ve found a Kentucky Derby tradition that’s on more of a rock tangent.  A rock tangent on which we’d like to ride.   Louisville’s own Jim James* + Wax Fang:

Happy Derby Day from the handicappers here at INLE.

*Jim James is seemingly everywhere, right?  Lord.  Who does he think he is, ?uestlove ?  Just jokes.  Love me some My Morning Jacket, but this guy is entirely unavoidable at the moment.


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