Weekend Review: Cazador’s Musical Journey

La esposa and I hit the beach this weekend.  I needed a vacation from sharing my lacking / mediocre music content endlessly to the word wide web.  So off we went.  The beach is improved SIGNIFICANTLY by blaring awesome music in the direction of others while swilling domestic light beer and openly visiting the water just to pee (yes we do – and no we don’t give a shit if you’re pretty sure we’re peeing because we are, in fact, peeing and it feels remarkable).

Over the course of 6+ hours in the sun and sand, we took a nice journey into the iPod (it’s this thing that’s kind of like a Zune – Now do you know what we’re talking about?).  I digress.  The point is that I found some things.

I really was all about Kings of Leon in 2008.  Good Lord.  The family “08 Deck Mix” was covered with stuff off Because of the Times.  I say it’s a superior (approaching ‘far superior’) album to Only By The Night.  Just me.  I could listen to Fans and Ragoo on repeat for at least 17 weeks without getting tired of either song.

Country music sucks lately.  Gary Allan and Willie Nelson have some nice new albums, but everywhere else I look, it’s just a gaping suck hole of ‘ugh.’  There was some good stuff just two years ago.  I know . . . because we listened to it this weekend.

Minus the Bear needs to come out with another album, stat.  WELL COLOR ME 7 SHADES OF SURPRISED!  Just finalized, independent web research shows their album, Omni, comes out TUESDAY!  Huzzah!

I wish Jimmy Buffett could resurrect Bob Marley and they could record 16 albums worth of new, super bitchin’, beachy music about frozen drinks, cheeseburgers, freedom and weed.  Why you ask?  Simple.   This way I WOULDN’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE SAME 30 SONGS I HEAR EVERY TIME WE GO TO THE BEACH.  “Hey!  We’re at the beach.  Do you have any Buffet?!  ALRIGHT!  ‘HEINZ 57 and FRENCH FRIED POTATOES!”  I went to church today just to see if they covered the portion of the Old Testament that laid the groundwork for this Judeo-Christian ethic.  Nothing.  I think you can still get to Heaven if you choose NOT to play Marley or Buffet while getting hammered on the beach.  Here’s a video that’s highly comical, both in title and performance.  Ed note:  Cazador didn’t actually go to church today AND if you ever go to a party like the one videoed below, please send us a detailed account of the evening.  It looks too awful not to highlight.

Radio stations take ZERO breaks from pumping up the bass and partying all weekend.  Ten AM on a Sunday?  On your way to church?  How ’bout another stripper-booty-shaking club BANGER!  PERFECT!  Whaaa?  Man . . . just play some bluegrass or something.  I’m HUNGOVER.  Growing up, I swear Sundays were significantly quieter on the radio, weren’t they?  Casey Kasem’s silky smooth delivery in the morning.

After Casey’s dog dedications, you probably listened to some flashback-type program in the afternoon.  That’s followed by some sad bastard Sunday night show where everyone was miserable because Monday’s are awful and we’re all only hours away!  Not now.  No, sir.  Now we’re live and on location at Scrubby McSyphilis’s Wing Shack Bungalow.  DJ Dipshit will be spinning all your favorite B.o.B. and Lady Gaga while the Bloody Marys and Scrubby-Mosas are half-off until 2 this afternoon.  Bring the family.

So yeah – We’re only hours away.  Sorry for the reminder.  Here’s one to start your work week.


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