Hurry Up And Wait: What We’re Waiting On

Paste Magazine opined on 25 albums they are collectively enthused about for this summer.  I agreed with a fair number, but saw a few missing.  While I don’t want to bore you with a big number, I figured 10 would do.  Chronologically (so as not to indicate any favoritism), here’s what we’re waiting on.

Minus the Bear, Omni, May 4 – Because Planet of Ice got us directly out of our seat, all signs point to this being highly enjoyable.  Get it.  Turn it up.

Reflection Eternal, Revolutions Per Minute, May 11 – Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli is all you need to say or hear.  They’ve released a few tracks as singles.  All are worth a listen.

Band of Horses, Infinite Arms, May 18 – A personal fave in la casa de Cazador.  A friend of ours called these guys “a redneck Interpol.”  We know they didn’t mean it necessarily as a compliment, but it’s an amazing comment regardless.

The Black Keys, Brothers, May 18 – We alluded to our excitement last week.  If you want to get your face rocked off without banging your head (in the best way possible), take us up on our suggestion here.

The Roots, How I Got Over, June 8 – We made mention about the guests – who are ridiculous – but entirely unnecessary.  The Roots kill.  If you get the opportunity to see them live, you must.  If not, you should at least buy the album.

We Are Scientists, Barbara, June 15 – This one sorta came out of nowhere.  Everything I’ve heard of theirs has been enjoyable.  There is no reason to assume the new material will suddenly suck.

The Constellations, Southern Gothic, June 22 – OH, MAN.  For personal reasons, I might be most excited about this one.  Up-and-comers from the ATL.  There is just an insane amount of cool shit flying all around this album.  They’re road warriors, too . . . which means you need to check’em out.  A pretty nice intro to these guys and gals here.

Various, Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows – Songs of John Prine, June 22 – John Prine songs in the form of a tribute album?  Contributions by My Morning Jacket, Connor Oberst, Justin Vernon and Deer Tick to name a handful?  I know, right?  What the fuck else could you possibly want? /really excited we provided so much info and enthusiasm by asking four consecutive questions

Wolf Parade, Expo 86, June 29 – British Columbia natives paying homage to the 1986 Vancouver World’s Fair.  Their At Mount Zoomer was a go-to in 2008.  All indications are that this one will be another solid must have.  UPDATEHere’s a sample.

T.I., King Uncaged, August 17 – I’m genuinely excited about the return of T.I.  “No matter what they doing, they don’t do it like me.”

Some other exciting things reportedly set to arrive in 2010:  Fleet Foxes, N.E.R.D, OutKast, Beastie Boys, Santigold, Coldplay and Interpol to name a few.  Hit us up in the comments if there’s anything you think we should add . . .

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3 thoughts on “Hurry Up And Wait: What We’re Waiting On

  1. c-note says:

    I will definitely second the Roots live in person…seen em twice and they brought the house down both times. Not only that, they’ll gurantee to blow your mind, or they will pack it up and leave (they almost did in Fredericksburg).

    The only other album that I heard was coming down the pipes in May was Leela James’ “My Soul” the long overdue follow-up from her 2005 album “A Change Is Gonna Come.” James is one of those rare talents that takes covers and makes them her own that are as good and in some cases better than the originals. Check out ‘Don’t Speak’ and the self-titled track ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’. On “My Soul”, James follows suit but samples the Manhattans ‘Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye.’

    Don’t let those examples speak for James being the queen of karaoke and the rest of the album being a terrible ‘bait and switch’ the likes of skeezy retailers. She’s a gritty, soulfull singer who has an incredibly distinct voice and original songs that keep you listening to the whole album with the classics peppered in between. I expect “My Soul” to stick to the same blueprint.

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