Links: Mixtapes, Dance, New Music, Studio 54

Sensational article @ Pitchfork about the current state of hip-hop economics, mixtapes, the internet, buzz and “making it.” [Pitchfork]

The Feetz To Da Beatz installments are some of my favorites by Indie Rock Cafe.  You may have heard one of these songs here last week (self back pat), but if you like to move your feet to something a little less well-known, here’s a good place to start.  [IndieRockCafe]

New Music Tipsheet has a complete list of what’s being released tomorrow.  We’ll have a more pointed selection at some point tomorrow, I’m sure.  It’s worth a scan so you might prepare your ears for the nougatty goodness of new music (I’m creepily staring directly at you, Minus the Bear).  [NewMusicTipsheet]

Studio 54 retrospective by Life Magazine.  Excuse me, sir . . . you seem to have spilt some flour on the tabl . . . oh.  Forgive me.  Carry on.  [LifeMagazine}


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