If You Haven’t Already Heard: Kaki King

Here’s another one that might not be completely unheard of, but one that is certainly deserving of more recognition.  Kaki King is one woman.  She is frighteningly talented and we’re fairly certain she can play the guitar better than you.  Have you seen August Rush?  When they needed small hands to do ridiculous things on a guitar?  Those are her hands.  Do you know what Dave Grohl said about her?

“There are some guitar players that are good and there are some guitar players that are really fucking good. And then there’s Kaki King.”

Well . . . thanks, Dave.  Noted.  The truth is, he’s right.  Her bio is pretty remarkable.  Her latest album, Junior, was released mid-April and seems to be a bit of a shift from her earlier work.  Guitar-centric stuff (instrument adventurer, perhaps) early on has morphed into a more band-based sound.  We like it because at the heart of it lies a badass guitar Goddess.

Here’s one off the new album (slow starter for about 30 seconds, be patient).  Kaki King . . . if you haven’t already heard.


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