Links: Music Doomsday, New Releases, Beastie Boys

Before we get to the links, a quick note:  If you’re linking in from one of our new and fantabulous connections, welcome!  If you’re not, well . . . you’re still just as awesome as you ever were.  More tomorrow . . . if not sooner.  Here’s a few things we tripped over in cyberland the last day or so.  Go crazy with your clicking, kids.

The one where Billboard confirms that the world could very well be coming to a musical end.  [Billboard]

Spin suggests five brand new albums to check out.  Indie Rock Cafe’s more interactive list will hopefully be up soon.  We’ll be supplying that ASAP.  For now, this will have to do.  [SPIN]

We tossed it about ever so gently at the end of yesterday’s post, but here’s a little more on the Beastie Boys’ newest.  [NME]

Finally, we’ll leave you with this animated awesomeness . . . [TheDailySwarm]


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