Link: Indie Rock Cafe Weekly Roundup

Indie Rock Cafe posted their always insightful weekly breakdown of this week’s new releases.  We tip our hats to . . . well, ourselves for mentioning a few of these earlier in the week.  However, as is typically the case, we find IRC to always be holding something shiny and new.  [IndieRockCafe]

Best band name of the week?  Unanimous selection goes to The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt.  Yes.  You just read that.  It could potentially be the best band name in the history of all things.  Ever. 

Band we wished we’d thought to mention before showing their album cover?  Can you guess?  The Hold Steady.

Band we’ve been hearing an awful lot about this week in a lot of places (for which we’re glad)?  Broken Social Scene.  We’re guessing they had about 72 people in the studio at any given point in time.  Did you ever hear that every bite of kiwi tasted different . . . like another kind of fruit?  Not sure it’s true, but BSS’ latest, Forgiveness Rock Record, reminded me of that. 

Country music provision:  Court Yard Hounds, the side project of sisters – and Dixie Chicks – Emily Robinson and Martie Maguire, released their album this week.  Varying reviews.  Perhaps worth a preview?

If one in every three weeks of new music bears a bountiful harvest like this week’s, we’ll be gluttons of good sounds all summer.  Shit yeah, kids!  Here’s a teaser for another one hitting all of us square in the face this wonderful month of May.

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