Perhaps: Your Hometown Is Still Under Water

I didn’t want to jump the gun on mentioning the Nashville flood too early.  While the scope of the damage was being (and continues to be) determined, we weren’t sure how best to mention it.  Nevertheless, INLE has nothing but warm, potentially inebriated, and CERTAINLY musical memories of Nashville, Tennessee.  We love that town, its people, its history, the ridiculous musical contributions, etc, etc.  Don’t let our 72 hour delay make you think otherwise.

As you know (unless you’ve been sobbing uncontrollably about the Gulf of Mexico), Mother Nature stomped DI-RECTLY on Nashville’s collective throat this weekend.  THREE MONTHS worth of rain in two days.  Stop and think about that.  What meteorological confluence of events could possibly result in that?  We’re not scientists, so don’t look to us to explain . . . but that shit somehow happened.

What’s left will be a great, big, heaping, pile of a mess for the wonderful people of Nashville.  What I hope you’ll do is hit up the Red Cross (or whatever Nashville relief giving charitable foundation you’re familiar/comfortable with) and donate to help get this very important city back on its feet as quickly as possible.

We hope you’ll do it for the right reasons, but if you need a touch more self-interest wrapped up in your charitable donations, consider the potential for Kenny Chesney singing about Nashville in a Red Sox hat while Tim Tebow looks on and cries.  Oh.  No.  Let’s help.  Your donation’s soundtrack is a fantastic one:

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