Weekday Kickstart: The New Pornographers

If the coffee, tea, soda, candy or other caffeine fix hasn’t taken hold, we’re here for you.  It’s Wednesday, folks AND we’ve got three sensational pieces of news.  ONE: It was a relatively strong week in the land of new releases.  Some weeks just seem to have the goods.  TWO:  At or around midday, you will hopefully find yourself halfway through this work week.  THREE:  It’s Cinco de Mayo which should allow you all the latitude to kick out early and ingest foul amounts of Mexican beer and/or tequila.  INLE and all of our fully owned subsidiaries believe these are are all worth reflecting on and celebrating.

The New Pornographers‘ album Together was a contributor to the aforementioned “strong release week.”  Thus far, it is quite wonderful.  Perhaps you should have a listen to more of it if you haven’t already.  An indie rock supergroup should be able to put out something worth listening to, yes?

Indeed.  Believe it.

Weekday Kickstart commences now:  Moves.  Track 1 from Together.  Enjoy.


One thought on “Weekday Kickstart: The New Pornographers

  1. AL says:

    neko is both candy for the eyes and the ears. very disappointed that she and kelly hogan (no relation, wrestling fans) will not be wailing solo in RIC later this month (tx to a scheduling screw up).

    and speaking of individual supergroup members, AC Newman’s “Get Guilty” is a strong record as are most of Destroyer’s recordings (Dan Bejar fronts that group).

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