Links: Jay-Z, Jay Elec, Phoenix, Bacharach

Seriously.  If you see something mildly intriguing, follow the link.  It’s all strong and good.  We’re taking the “work” out of “leg work.”  Then it’s just “leg.”  I have no idea where we’re going with this.  ONTO THE LINKS!

Well look what URB found.  I’ve called him “the coolest man in the world” and I invite someone to challenge it.  I’m not sure you can.  Jay-Z‘s unheard verse from Maybach Music 2 was found.  The wizards at URB put it all together and let Jay lead off.  Go.  [URB] or [YouTube]

What’s up with INLE, Thursdays and hip-hop?  We blame the grind of the week.  Either way, we hopefully made a successful introduction to you and Jay Electronica last week, but here’s a little more.  It’s not new.  It’s raw, but if you like him, you should check out. [2DopeBoyz]

Oh, those indie kids are always so complimentary of each other.  Not really.  In this case, they certainly were, though.  Phoenix was going to take a crack at a Grizzly Bear remix, but passed gracefully.  Instead?  [WeArePhoenix]  Ed note:  We started them as close to simultaneous as we could and it was awesome.

We’ll do it dirty to end things.  I guess . . . as dirty as you can when a Burt Bacharach cover is involved.  A little Stealing the Covers flavor to this edition of Links.  Jim O’Rourke, producer and former Sonic Youth member, puts his spin on “Close To You” like only he should.  [RawkBlog]


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