Timeless and Timely: Keith’s New Equipment

 A quick foreward on this week’s Timeless and Timely:  INLE has the proud distinction of being related, (by marriage /thankyouverymuch), to a wonderful Southern Swamp Family that should have boundless excitement for this installment.  To those very special whisk-singing, foot-stomping, “dance like no one’s watching” Swamp Family members, this one’s for you.

May 6, 1965.  Clearwater, Florida.  The Rolling Stones.  Keith Richards probably bought a lot of things this day (yes, we were sublty alluding to drugs), but the most important thing for music history was a Gibson fuzzbox

A piece of equipment doesn’t typically make for timeless, though.  Right?  No, you’re correct.  HOWEVER, if later in the same day the sound produced by this fancy new fuzzbox lends assistance to Keith and Mick Jagger in composing the guitar riff for Satisfaction . . . well . . . now you’re swiftly approaching “timeless.” 

Who knows what else went on in this Clearwater, FL hotel?  Most of the active participants probably don’t remember, but someone took note of Mick and Keith’s creation.  For that, we’re very much thankful.  From a fuzzbox to a hotel room to the heart of the Swamp Family and countless others. 

The video is from some 16+ years later, but we love it because around the 1:05 mark Mr. Richards wields Rolling Stone justice with the broad side of his gee-tar.  Rock n’ fuckin’ roll.

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