If You Haven’t Already Heard: Carolina Chocolate Drops

Maybe it’s the time of year that pushes bluegrassy string music into the musical appetite.  Could be.  I just know that around this time of year, it makes sense.  It seems that while some string band characterics could be reliable or predictable (and potentially stagnant), the good ones find a way to stand out even though they are, in theory, doing a lot of the same things.

Carolina Chocolate Drops would kindly disagree and ask that you pay attention next time.  Rhiannon Giddens, Dom Flemons and Justin Robinson make up this sick, sick trio.  Musicianship in droves.  Whew.  They’ve been around a few years now, but unless you frequent bluegrass, string band or fiddlers festivals, there’s a decent chance you haven’t heard of them.  Their last album, Genuine Negro Jig, released earlier this year in mid-February and we think it’s pretty damn good.  Did we mention they incorporate the kazoo?  The f’n kazoo!  Oh . . . AND a jug.  In the same song.

Side note:  INLE gets pumped when our youtube searches yield more live performance videos than otherwise.  It gives us special feelings.  CCD was very much this way.  Yes!

We’ll give you a sample of their flexibility below.  Durham, North Carolina’s Carolina Chocolate Drops . . . if you haven’t already heard.

WDVX!  Knoxville, TN!  We see your blue plates (nods,winks).


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