INLE Hits Streets In Pink

Big day for charitable run-walkish-type events we’re told.  If you found yourself in some amount of pink walking, running, donating or what have you, we’re sure it was so very much appreciated.  INLE hit the streets of Richmond, Virginia today to help do our tiny little part for Susan G. Komen Richmond Race for the Cure.  The good news?  There’s a ton of survivors out there and we gave them all hugs with our minds.  The far more upsetting news?  Too many wonderful participants were honoring loved ones that did not survive.

It was an incredible event, a great day and a better cause.  So why on your favorite music blog?  We just wanted to take a Saturday afternoon and briefly encourage / ask / nudge (in the most platonic way possible) all our readers to find SOMETHING to get involved with regardless of what you have, what you can give, who you know, etc.  At the end of the day, there’s simply no wrong reason to get involved.

We’ve really enjoyed the last two paragraphs from atop our soapbox.  That bumbling, falling sound was us getting down.  As we depart:  Pink Panthers, what’s up?!  Nice walk-running today!  Good looking outfits as well!

A fitting song title to conclude.  If you’ve seen Garden State, you’re familiar with The Shins.  If you haven’t gotten familiar enough with their lead singer (James Mercer) teaming up with Danger Mouse to form Broken Bells . . . oh . . . do that (High Road is uh-mazing).  Mother’s Day Tribute hits tomorrow midday.  Don’t miss it.


One thought on “INLE Hits Streets In Pink

  1. kipton says:

    fave shins song = the past and pending

    Went to a lecture by a Shin’s video director. He had made a documentary on the “art of graffiti removal”….changed my life. really.

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