Links: New Releases, Hammock-Napping, Catfights

Tuesday . . . for so many reasons is a day with little going for it.  Mondays are occasionally holidays or days off.  Wednesday has a sweet nickname.  Thursdays are like the new Friday.  Friday obviously keeps the throne.  Tuesday has one distinct advantage, though.  Every so often a Tuesday can be the greatest day ever.  It’s new music day!  Here’s what IndieRockCafe is talking about. [IRC]

Best band name of the week?  We Have Band.  Sounds cool.  The Goodnight Loving Supper Club is a close second. 

Album not mentioned that we think you should check out?  Phosphorescent‘s Here’s To Taking It Easy.  I might throw together something highlighting Phosphorescent for later this week.  Long and short?  The album’s title says it all.  It sounds like good hammock-napping music . . . or a nice Sunday morning breakfast soundtrack. 

Interpol has a bass player vacancy.  Must be well-dressed and mysterious looking.  Also being an incredible bass player would help.  [Stereogum]

Joanna Newsom, mentioned earlier here as part of The Roots’ new guest lineup, is doing press for her upcoming release.  And by “press,” we totally mean “railing the shit out of two of music’s more iconic ladies” (past and present).  Ra-ra, ooh, la-la . . . Bad Romance with Gaga.  Madonna gets a nice swipe, too.  <Insert chauvinistic joke about three-way catfight>.  [Pitchfork]

M.I.A.‘s newest track hit radio yesterday.  The title (XXXO) would suggest a significantly more non-violent video than her first single (Born Free).  We shall see.  Regardless it appears she might be taking a satirical tact on textspeak, which we have been known to make fun of on multiple occasions (and will never stop).  [NME]

Links concludes with one that we liked from Foals‘ new album Total Life Forever.  Track numero dos is Miami.  Happy f’n Tuesday everybody!

UPDATE:  Stumbled upon this and didn’t want to wait to post.  Consequence freestyle on Tony Touch’s radio show.  Yes, ma’am . . . that was all done off the top of his head.  [URB]


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