If You Haven’t Already Heard: Dom Kennedy

Another hip-hop comer who’s been mostly mixtape to this point, but much like Jay Electronica, is building the buzz significantly.  Dom Kennedy is all-parts West Coast.  It’s a common theme in his lyrics and it seems he’s hellbent on bringing more attention back to the warmer, coastal climate of southern California.  Don’t expect him to be just like every other west coast rapper you’ve ever heard, though.  He’s from a younger generation.  Perhaps one that remembers more about the last 12, more non-violent years of rap music.  The influences appear to be multi-geographical, but what about the lyrics?  Ummm . . . yes.  They seem to hold up.

I’m probably the best Kennedy after Bobby.

Noted.  We’ll wait and see, but you never know.  To this point unsigned and doing it all via mixtape, the smart money is that a major label bidding war is currently ongoing and the buzz is driving the price higher (sounds familiar, yes?).  We’re suggesting you check out all of the mixtapes if you have the time.  The most cleverly named?  That goes to FutureStreet/DrugSounds.  Well played, Dom.  Nice twist on Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds.  His most recent is From The WestSide With Love.  Here’s something new, followed by something a little older from Dom Kennedy . . . if you haven’t already heard.


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