Links: Big Boi Cooks, Jonsi Rocks, BoH Streams

Forever thankful that we found this one.  “Lady Martha Macaroni . . . cause you got that cheese.”  Oh, that’s just strong, strong television.  Big Boi on Martha Stewart?  You know it.  She’s so hood.  Follow the link for the video.  [MarthaStewart]

Had the mortar here at INLE dried in time, we could have given a nod to Jónsi‘s new solo album that came out earlier this year.  Sigur Ros‘ last one was tremendously enjoyable and their lead singer’s solo effort is as well.  Jónsi!  TV!  Go!  [Stereogum]

We mentioned it on our Facebook page (if you’re not, you should really take care of ‘liking’ the fan page – not the group page – over to the right.  See it?  Or click this.  Yeah . . . that’s it – click it just to be sure), but we felt like giving it proper attention here on the page.  Band of Horses‘ new album is very much streaming on the information superhighway and we’ve enjoyed it thoroughly.  Listen in.  [BandofHorses]

I bet there won’t be any Tigers or Yankees hats at either of these shows.  I’d be wrong.  [SPIN]

Here a little something to end your Thursday.  Tomorrow’s Friday and we hope your weekend looks as wonderfully planned as INLE’s.  Matt Costa!  Take us out on this penultimate day of the work week!


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