INLE FAIL: Note The Tag

We were asleep at the wheel.  Or at least we were temporarily unable to correctly convert post schedules to that always tricky 24 hour military clock.  DAMMIT! 

Sorry for the poor blog management we exhibited this AM.  I blame mexican beer and bourbon for this disaster (stares blankly at Thursday night, groans).  If our universe was a modular home and the mothership was a Dodge Ram, this would be a fitting visual metaphor for what has happened.

If you loved the Minus the Bear Weekender and wanted to listen to it all day, don’t worry . . . it will be back when the words used in the post make sense (this afternoon).  Until the next post goes up later this morning, here’s something to occupy you.  We’re holding our head low with shame, but we’ll be back.  It’s just too important of a day . . .


2 thoughts on “INLE FAIL: Note The Tag

  1. c-note says:

    That’s the first time I’ve ever seen ‘mexican beer’ and ‘bourbon’ used in the same sentence. It just looks like it’s gonna result in some hullabaloo.

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