Timeless and Timely: Stevie Wonder & David Byrne

What a sensational couple of days for musical birthdays.  Happy belated birthday to Stevie Wonder!  Please accept our deepest apologies for not adequately recognizing it on Thursday.

INLE commenter c-note posed the following not too long ago:

Based on current musical influence, who is more important, Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson?

Man.  Have fun fighting about that one.  We try to be as decisive as possible here on the INLE mothership, but that’s just too damn hard to say.  Regardless of your answer, Mr. Wonder celebrated his 60th talented year on Earth Thursday.  Happy Birthday, Stevie!  As an aside, this is one of my all-time favorite songs in the world.  Ever.  To make it better?  We see you, Sesame Street . . . dance, kids!  FUNK AND YES!

And today, you ask?  Another big INLE birthday greeting to David Byrne.  There’s too much to say here, so we’ll try to keep it brief.  If you don’t know enough about David Byrne, ask someone.  David Byrne is just musical studliness.  You know someone has hit the Timeless mark when you hear their voice and know immediately who that voice belongs to.  Scottish-born, new wave maestro, principal of Talking Heads . . . Happy Birthday, sir!

Another aside for Mr. Byrne.  This day in 1977, Brian Eno happened upon Talking Heads playing Rock Garden in London.  Even today a positive Eno encounter usually helps things along.  This was no different.  Eno produced their 1978 album More Songs About Buildings and Food.  A nice marriage was formed for all parties.  So today INLE says “Happy Birthday” to David Byrne and “Holy shit, sir, your birthday in 1977 was certainly a good one considering what came out of it!”  Regardless of what the lyrcis say, INLE is a party . . . but certainly no disco.

Couscous, I provided the Old Grey Whistle Test clip just for you, brother.  /bear hug

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7 thoughts on “Timeless and Timely: Stevie Wonder & David Byrne

  1. Couscous says:

    EXCELLENT post my prolific pal.

  2. c-note says:

    People….you do understand that this IS an interactive web based site!?

    • Cazador says:

      So true. The Beatles to reinforce the point:

      And, in the end, the love you take/ Is equal to the love you make.

      The love is reciprocal.

      • c-note says:

        on that note, since mj owned the rights to the Beatles, does that influence his votes?

      • Cazador says:

        Um . . . good question. I’m going to vote “no.” My only tangible support for this vote is Mac and Jack. Yes. I’m going here. Thank God it’s only in a comment.

      • Cazador says:

        Ebony and Ivory was far superior anyway. Right? Possibly? The whole thing is still a tie in my mind. Toss-up. Coin flip. Both can be argued. It’s one of the better musical questions posed to me in some time.

    • wetnuts says:

      I didn’t realize this site was web based.

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