Links: Phish’s Loving Cup, Beards + Break Dancers, Keys Streaming

The Rolling Stone‘s Exile on Main St. reissue comes out tomorrow . . . along with about 78 other incredible things . . . as a little tribute, Jimmy Fallon scored awesomeness last week by having Phish on his show to cover Loving Cup.  It’s as good as you’d imagine.  Nothing like Mr. Keith Richards doing the intro either!  A beautiful buzz, indeed. [Stereogum]

I know, I know.  We’ve been staring lovingly (and perhaps creepily) at Minus the Bear the last few weeks (new album OMNI = danceable, singalongable joy), but we saw this and wanted to share.  It’s ironic.  And funny.  [URB]

We like super groups.  Broken Social Scene, The New Pornographers, Monsters of Folk, et al.  We find them enjoyable.  Pitchfork’s got something for you on a new one.  [Pitchfork] [TiredPony]

Nice Ronnie James Dio piece from last year.  Dio, Black Sabbath front man (post-Ozzy), passed away over the weekend after battling stomach cancer.  [NME]

The Black Keys are up and streaming if you can’t stand to wait another half day.  My patience will be exponentially multiplied by not having to wait to hear the whole album.  That makes sense, right?  It doesn’t, does it?  INSTANT GRATIFICATION!  [NPR]

Tomorrow is poised to be another incredible day of new music.  We’re hoping to be up early and cranking.  Until then, we’ll all just have to wait ’til tomorrow.


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