Weekend Review: R.I.P. INLE iPod

It is one of those things you never expect to suddenly cease operation.  One minute it’s fine.  The next it is entirely incapacitated with no signs of life except an occasional screen flicker.

It was a birthday gift several years ago.  It’s time with the family was significant.  We loved it.  It provided the soundtrack to too many memorable events.  It housed an incredible amount of music.  It was our iPod and we loved it like it was a member of the family, dammit.  We’re not ashamed to say it.

We’ll move on . . . probably just replace it and everything will be back to normal in no time.  It won’t be the same, though.  We won’t be the same.  Why so dramatic?  We’re nearly certain we inadvertently caused the whole thing.  It was like a whoopsydaisy-Kevorkian-too-soon maneuver.  We didn’t know what we were doing, but when the rigor mortis kicked in, we realized we’d gone too far.

The final song selection?  The last thing we ever heard on our expansively eclectic and thoughtfully arranged iPod?

I wish I was joking.  This shit actually happened.  It was the iPod equivalent of having your last words be “Oh, shit, this is going to hurt” or “I’ve done this 100 times.”  I don’t know how or why it was being played.  I’m pretty sure I was excited about it, though.  The iPod was obviously less enthused (yes, we know it’s not a sentient being with real emotions, but let us continue to pretend) and did the only responsible thing it could.  It broke.  Forever.

So thanks for the memories, first generation video iPod.  We wish we’d named you.  We’re sorry your last words were “I had to prove’em wrong.”

In lieu of flowers, please just promise us that you’ll never play a song you’ll regret being your iPod’s last.  We may never be able to forgive ourselves.

If we were our own iPod, we’d want this to be our last song.  Here’s to everyone having an appreciative and positive start to your work week.  Good luck, kids.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Review: R.I.P. INLE iPod

  1. AL says:

    das iPod ist kaput!? nein, was sagst du?!

    ok, enough german but such a tremendous musical tragedy makes me speak in non-romance language tongues, apparently.

    or if i’m allowed to take the glass is half-full approach here, perhaps your iPod knew that its awesomeness capacity was not nearly enough to hold the new BOH record, which arrives on iTunes tomorrow, and I read kicks much ass.

    • Cazador says:

      BoH alone was probably safe. I’m previewing a little here, but the combination of BoH, The Black Keys and Reflection Eternal on the iPod might have been too much. New one’s in the mail. We’ll be back to portability in no time. Das boot.

  2. Dave says:

    Tragic – tell me that the many priceless playlists were also on the computer de Cazador and not lost forever. If you’re interested, I can get you a good deal on a early-90’s portable cassette player. Cassette decks and mixtapes (on actual tapes) seem to be the vintage flavor of the month with the hipster kids around here . . .

    • Cazador says:

      The playlists were, unfortunately, lost. Sad, for sure . . . but we’re looking forward to putting a new twist on what we’d done in years past. I’m seducing the silver lining and I think everything’s going pretty well so far. Thanks for the hipster tip. I’m thinking about just carrying around indie sheet music and wearing a scarf.

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