Links: ACL Lineup, LimeWire, PopCop

Awww, hell.  This is nice.  Make your way to Austin because this is simply absurd.  [Pitchfork]

Really, LimeWire?  You thought you had it covered in various user agreements and disclosures?  You didn’t think supplying the system for infringement would come back to bite you?  You weren’t paying attention to Napster?  “It wasn’t OUR music.”  Exactly.  Lars Ulrich would like a word.  [Paste]

And in a similar vein, here’s the reason you won’t see any mp3 files on this very blog.  NO SIR DO NOT SHUT INLE DOWN WE’RE JUST FANS YOUTUBE’S FAULT.  Thankyouverymuch.  [DrownedInSound]

Nothing else makes sense to me here . . . except:


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