Weekday Kickstart: NEW MUSIC

It’s Tuesday, lovely readers.  Today is busting at the seams with fantastic stuff.  Today’s Weekday Kickstart?  A nod to a few new things we’re quite excited about in no particular order.  Reflection Eternal, The Black Keys and Band of Horses new albums all make themselves legally available today.  There’s something here for everyone.  Click around.  We’ll be back later to roundup the rest of what’s new today.  Huzzah!  It’s going to be a good one . . .

Reflection Eternal is HiTek and Talib Kweli.  They’ve gone the contemporary route of releasing what seems like half the album prior to the actual release.  We’ve heard a lot of it.  We like it all.  Here’s one.

The Black Keys have been mentioned several times here in the last few weeks.  It’s for good reason.  Close your eyes, let your soul get rocked.

Band of Horses.  It may not be for everyone, but the early reviews are in and just about everyone we’ve seen doesn’t just approve, they rave.  It’s been streaming for a week or so.  We admire it.  Greatly.


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