Forget Me Not: Tiny Music…, Stone Temple Pilots

What a fabulous surprise for this guy!  There we were, flipping through the endless number of CDs we’ve shoved somewhere in the mothership’s various closet spaces, and bang!  Beachball.  HUZZAH!  Stone Temple Pilots third album.  1996.  Why have I not seen you more?  What a great, unmistakable CD design.  Why has it been so long since we listened to Tiny Music . . . Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop?

Oh . . . Because we kinda forgot.  And with Scott Weiland’s arrest and legal troubles running nearly simultaneous to this album’s release, you might have forgotten about it, too.  STP made other albums following the quasi-recovery and reemergence of Weiland, but they were merely footnotes to their earlier works.  Core and Purple (the first two albums) were huge.  They toured behind them and had the buzz.  Tiny Music?  Eh.  It just didn’t seem to get the same level of recognition or remembrance (by most).

And what a travesty that is.  I remember the first time I heard it (looking at you, INLE commenter Sideburns) and thought “Good Lord.  This is really good.  And not like their other stuff.”  The earlier STP was done in a time when there was SO much like it.  It was great and all, but it didn’t necessarily stand out.  Tiny Music was different.  Despite my affection for it, a lot of critics ruined it.  I suspect they were Nirvana or Pearl Jam purists who had already made up their mind (incorrectly, in this opinion) that STP was merely a grunge retread.

Regardless of all that, I think this is an album worth remembering.  Oh . . . and guess who’s back, kids?  Stone Temple Pilots are set to release their first new material in over 8 years . . . next week.  The words we’ve seen scribed about this new album lead us to believe it’s quite strong. Tremendous news.

If you forgot, here’s a little reminder.  If you didn’t forget, you’re better for it.

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One thought on “Forget Me Not: Tiny Music…, Stone Temple Pilots

  1. Sideburns says:

    Def a great call with Tiny Music. Spent several weeks with Fred the Beaver listening to this on constant rotation. Fred (aka Jon B.) hummed Art School Girlfriend non stop even when listening to other music as long as I can remember, probably still doing it today.

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