Weekday Kickstart: Marching Band

What day is it?  Friday yet?  No?  Gripes.  By now, you’ve potentially reached the point where you’re not sure you can continue down the painful path of working this week.  Yes?  And yet, here we sit with shiny, aesthetically pleasing suggestions.  This Kickstart has a little If You Haven’t Already Heard feel to it.  We’re tagging it as such, too.

Marching Band.  Oh, Sweden.  Look at what you’ve gone and done.  Is it wrong to credit an entire Scandinavian country with the work of two men?  Perhaps. But we’re generous.  Melodies galore.  Catchy goodness.  Their second album released earlier this week.  It’s called Pop Cycle (see what they did there?).  We’re listening to it.  If you like it, you should too.

We’re past halfway in this week of ours, kids.  Push through.  Tomorrow’s Friday and that only means terrific things.  I like where we’re headed.  Thanks again for coming with us.

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