Timeless and Timely: Notorious B.I.G. & Ronald Isley

Fridays are made mostly of ridiculously notable musical birthdays apparently.  Two quite important men in the hip-hop and R&B game share a birthday.  Unfortunately, only one of these fine gentlemen is still with us, but both deserved an INLE mention.

Clinton Hill.  Brooklyn.  Christopher Wallace started early on the streets of Brooklyn and quickly became a legend.  Today he would have turned 38.  Two videos for those that left us too soon.  Notorious B.I.G.

Our second birthday mention?  An all too-forgotten R&B legend.  The list of songs from Ronald Isley and his family band (The Isley Brothers) is insanely recognizable . . . but how many people knew who recorded those songs originally?  Too few.

For a long time, Isley was from – and for – another generation.  His resurgence into a new generation was thanks to some excellent involvement in a handful of more contemporary contributions.  Mr. Bigg?  Keep it on the Down Low.  Nobody has to know.

He just be-bopped out of some federal prison time in April (tax evasion = not good), BUT he’s back and we’re betting he’ll be in your ears soon.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Isley.


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