Weekender: Mumford & Sons / Live Music

Because they were so gracious to play for us Thursday night in our nation’s capital, we’ll give them title credit.  However, the real intention – our request to you – is that the Weekender be LIVE MUSIC . . . of any kind.  You see, it’s typically better that way. 

The weekend is upon us.  The shimmering glow of relaxation and libations is almost blinding.  If you don’t have the means or interest in getting out about town to see some live music, dig back into some long-since-listened-to live album or bootleg.  It’s fun.

Mumford & Sons has been a trendy up-and-comer lately.  There’s been a significant amount of buzz around this English quartet since their first US album came out early this year.  My expectations were pretty level going in – and maybe that had something to do with the eventual reaction – but Heavens directly to Betsy . . . these guys f’n killed.  Their brand of music may not be for you (if you can clearly define it).  The sound, songs, whatever . . . it just might not work . . . but their energy is undeniable.  Our immediate description was:

If Genesis and Ricky Skaggs had a baby and it somehow managed a three-way offspring with Old Crow Medicine Show and Muse, the result might be Mumford & Sons.

As such, here’s a toast to the weekend from INLE.  Mumford & Sons playing an unrecorded, new song.  We like the title.  Lover of the Light

Happy weekend, kids.  Travel light and, most importantly, travel safe.

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