Links: Bad Planning, New Music Streams, Bono

It didn’t seem like a better idea to review the layout of the places you’d previously announced?  The complex process of planning a tour has to consider venues a major part of said process, right?  Why am I not surprised that this band would be the one having this problem?  Break stuff, indeed.  [NME]

We’re merely sharing a link.  We have nothing bad to say.  We don’t like the idea of one day being suspended at arm’s length over the business end of a high-rise balcony.  The man means business and cares little about what you might have to say regarding the current status of his drivers license.  [Reuters]

Streaming your new album leading up to its release is the greatest thing since air conditioning (sorry, environment – our bad).  Here’s a couple of upcoming album releases streaming in various internet abodes.  [Ratatat] [StoneTemplePilots]

Arcade Fire released some teasers from their upcoming, third LP set to release later this year.  [Pitchfork]

The Roots leaked their remake of Monsters of Folk‘s Dear God.  It sounds like all the members of MoF came in to lend a hand.  So polite.  [Pitchfork]

No word yet on whether this injury was a result of oversized sunglasses and their crushing weight.  [GetWellSoon,Bono]

Our Facebook fans should have seen this over the weekend (all the more reason to become a fan if you haven’t already).  We wanted to make sure the masses were apprised of this occurence.  Band of Horses‘ Ben Bridwell hit the stage with Pearl Jam at Madison Square Garden to bring the Temple of the Dog hit Hunger Strike back to life.  INLE approves, smiles . . . and turns it up.


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