Kickstart: Bonnaroo 2010 – What Would INLE Do?

We, like everyone else, know someone going to Bonnaroo.  After seeing the lineup, please understand that for a few weeks we may secretly loathe your existence.  We are fully jealous. 

With this many great acts in the same place for a long weekend, you’d expect several conflicts / coin-flip decisions / splitting up your showmances for an hour or two.  That’s never fun.  In providing our INLE suggestions, we tried to prevent splitting up as much as possible . . . because, when you feel like it, you need to be able to look to both sides and say something awesome like “Dude, this shit totally rocks!  I love you!” 

This shit totally does rock.  We love you, too.

INLE Disclaimer:  Don’t get mad at us.  Only opinions herein.  If you disagree, go with your gut.  Just don’t be mad at us when your gut took you to a snoozer while the INLE suggestion was the greatest show of the festival.  Just sayin’.


Thursday Notes:  Your mood should make decisions on the two conflicts.  If you want some If You Haven’t Already Heard-type, indie, synthy-rock around 7:00, go see Local Natives.  If you want to have your head bashed in with rising, crescendo loving rock, Manchester Orchestra is probably your thing.  For later, we really just want you to see The Constellations because we love those guys and gals.  They will leave everything on the stage and you won’t regret it.  However, we know some people that give The xx a thumbs up for their live performance.  Our vote goes to The Constellations.  We’d leave you if forced to.


Friday Notes:  If you want to start the day with beats in your ear and getting shocked like an electric eel, Jay Elec is the way to go.  If you’re hungover and just want some strang pickin’ band, go see CCD.  For the KoL show, hang back . . . don’t get crazy trying to get too close.  They’re pretty much the only thing going at this time.  Stay rested.  There is greatness yet to arrive in the wee hours.


Saturday Notes:  Early evening is a real disaster.  We could be convinced to see any / all of the options.  We think that Thievery Corporation show will be sweet, but we’d never suggest leaving the Jay-Z show early . . . oh, and if you think because it’s hip-hop it’s going to be all hype men yelling, stage distractions and bassy nonsense, you’d be very wrong.  The Jay-Z live show, we’ve heard from trusted sources, is incredible.


Sunday Notes:  Phoenix into DMB to close things out sounds like Bonnaroo planning greatness.  Dang.  Hurray, hurrah, AC Entertainment.  Well played.  There’s some excellent bluegrass and country acts playing on Sunday also.  Keep an ear out. 

Conservatively, you could do at least 20 entire shows in this amount of time.  Aggressively, we’d like to see another 10.  Yes.  Thirty full shows in 3.5 days.  Sounds like heaven.  If we missed anything or if you have any thoughts on the schedule, who not to miss, etc, etc, let us know.  We can smell Bonnaroo’s Sunday morning from here.  It’s a wonderful combination of rank, stale, greasy and awesome.  Stay dirty, kids.

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8 thoughts on “Kickstart: Bonnaroo 2010 – What Would INLE Do?

  1. Davidson Co. Don Corleone says:

    Strong day INLE. Astute Bonnaroo analysis. I’ll report back my findings from ground level.

  2. Dirty Sanchez says:

    Is it wrong to hope that a hippie holocaust happens everytime some music festival happens? I hope the Don has his papers with him.

  3. Davidson Co. Don Corleone says:

    Go handle some packages.

  4. c-note says:

    So, Friday night on Which Stage are The Flaming Lips rumored to be performing Dark Side of the Moon in full. The Black Keys are on at the same time, but I know where you would find this fella.

  5. c-note says:

    Strong overview by the way. Props.

  6. […] response to last week’s Bonnaroo post was exquisite.  It was so strong – after several high-level financial and legal negotiations […]

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