If You Haven’t Already Heard: The Hood Internet

This is potentially our favorite If You Haven’t Already Heard because it represents two guys that are unabashedly eclectic and they make it so incredibly obvious and sensational.  If I was able to acquire a musical ability overnight, I might choose the ability to do what they’re doing.  In short, The Hood Internet is mashing up and mixing.  That, however, is just too damn brief and unappreciative.  This shit is hard.  It’s not easy to take two songs and seamlessly transition from one to another.  To balance two completely unique sounds together THROUGHOUT a minute or two or four . . . and make it kick?  That takes some significant talent.

These two are, at the moment, the best.  SPIN made mention of them during a SXSW preview, but most are probably still unaware of the good work they’re doing.  They tour and release mixtapes.  If you have an opportunity to listen live or via mixtape, we think you should do so.  There’s literally something for everyone.  Passion Pit vs. Juvenile, Beastie Boys vs. Matt and Kim, Michael Jackson vs. Ratatat,  Fresh Prince vs. Daft Punk . . . the list goes on and on and on.  Also, a quick word of thanks to INLE commenter Davidson Co. Don Corleone for putting the fire beneath our feet on The Hood Internet and inspiring some movement on our part.

Here’s one of their more recognizable tracks.  We love it because 1 – Grizzly Bear is (gives thumbs up) and 2 – Dead Prez are just completely, totally and excruciatingly great.

One more because it’s got that way-eclectic, smoky flavor we like.


One thought on “If You Haven’t Already Heard: The Hood Internet

  1. […] DJ groupings, I’d . . . well . . . I might have believed you.  Anyway, following up on our The Hood Internet mentions awhile ago (who, b.t.dub., have a new mixtape out that is incrediawesome available here), […]

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