Kickstart: Alberta Cross

Can you feel the long weekend?  It’s just around the corner, but time seems to have gone all berserk and stopped, right?  You’ve got plans that don’t have to do with things like “work.”  How dare the man?  No one anywhere is actually working this week, right?

We get all of this.  We know how you feel, but we all need to keep it tightened up and focused.  For that will make the weekend all the better.

We’ve got something for you in the meantime.  It’s days worth of motivation in less than five minutes.  Call now and we’ll throw in some useless, wordy commentary.  We appear to have already given that away for free.  Sensational.

Back on point:  It’s not all that new, but it will pick you right the f up.  I’m actually not sure how we haven’t used this already.  This was couscous‘ suggestion to la familia del Cazador several months ago.  If you partied at the INLE mothership in the last six months, you’ve probably heard it.  We love it.  Alberta Cross is the band.  They are quite good.  Listen in.  Go to work.  You’re almost there . . .

Ed Note:  If you upload a video to youtube and put one of those shitty bubble things over the middle of the screen, you’re pissing off the entire internet.  Seriously.  “Oh, oh, I just uploaded this video, but I put this thingamadoo on the screen so everyone that watches it will click it because I’m smarter than they are.”  Yeah . . . maybe. Probably not.  Don’t do that.

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