Kickstart: More of Making Thursday Tolerable

We’re going to get there . . . to the weekend . . . together.  Proving our interactive-ness and proclivity for a beneficial back and forth, we checked our INLE iPhone (ZOMG!LUVSTEVEJOBS) and lo and behold we had received a suggestion.  We love those.  This was more of a tip.  And what a tip it was.  There was so much tremendous in this note, we couldn’t wait.

I’m confident that I reside in the minority when I say that I preferred the Speakerboxx side of the Speakerboxx/The Love Below album.  Everyone seems to llloooooovvveeee Mr. 3000.  They should.  He’s awesome, but don’t forget about Big Boi.  B-I-G-B-O-I.  Oh . . . it’s that same muthaeffer that took them knuckles to your eye.

He’s got a solo album coming out very soon and here is the first single’s BRAND new video.  Kiefer, we see you, we appreciate the tip.  Bear hug and a strong drink to you, sir. 

This video is fantastic!  They have full-sized puppets playing instruments, multiple kegs, hundreds of solos cup decoration / art (hi-ya), AND remote control race track sets.  What more could you ask for?  The whole damn Dungeon Family.  That’s what.  Well bully for you because they’re in it, too.* 

Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty in Shutterbugg.  Go!

UPDATE:  The folks over at UMG shut down the youtube video (Booooo!).  Check it out here.  Sorry for the extra work.  It’s totally worth having another internet browser window open, though.

*We know, we know.  That’s not really the whole Dungeon Family, but whatever.  It’s a lot of folks so don’t get all technical on us.  We wrote this while ingesting sandwiches and snacks of some ilk.  Lunchtime (/nomnomnom)
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One thought on “Kickstart: More of Making Thursday Tolerable

  1. […] Big Boi is back, solo for now, and reminding everyone why Outkast is damn incredible.  We’ve already hit you with the video for Shutterbugg a few weeks back so we’ll show you another sound from Sir Lucious Leftfoot: […]

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