Stealing the Covers: Matt Weddle, Hey Ya

Just Outkast all over the damn place today.

As we’ve mentioned in previous Stealing the Covers, covers are tricky.  We made the rather obvious observation that covers are tough because, if selected correctly, they’re great songs made great by the performer who did them first (i.e. tough act to follow).  Today’s provision is made better by its performer going 180 degrees from where it originated and still kicking the song’s ass.  It’s by no means new, but a perfect installment to what we wanted this category to be.

Matt Weddle is the front man for a folky, Arizona-based band called Obadiah Parker.  His facial hair is breathtaking and his voice is strong.  You might have seen it a few years ago.  If you have, perhaps it’s been awhile . . . you should watch it again.  If you haven’t, well, it’s a treat.  Enjoy.

Matt Weddle covers Andre 3000‘s Hey Ya.  Lend us some sugar.  We are your neighbor.

You can hear the studio version (fancy with piano ‘n background vocals ‘n such) here.  We like the beard so much we hit you with the live sauce.


One thought on “Stealing the Covers: Matt Weddle, Hey Ya

  1. c-note says:

    I’ve been rocking to this all week

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