Weekend Review: INLE Goes South, Kanye Goes Off

If you kids had half as much fun over the long weekend as we did, a nod of approval to you.  INLE traveled south on a rail.  The Smith Family Reunion of Unadoptable Foster Children was energetic and ended far too soon (or just in time). 

We might need to throttle back the next few days to allow 1 – everyone to catch up on what they might have missed late last week (including our Memorial Day post) and 2 – for some INLE back office time to reconnect and inspire ourselves to share uncommon things.

While we were away, we missed this.  We figured you might have, too.  Kanye West turned in the autotuney, electro concept and has returned with fire and much more aggressively produced sound.  From what we’ve read, the upcoming West album (titled Good Ass Job) will sound more like the first single, Power.  The wonderful folks over at Pitchfork.com provided the following:

Kanye’s been pretty quiet ever since the whole Taylor Swift thing happened last fall. But “Power” isn’t quiet at all. It’s noisy as hell, with a beat that sounds like a car stereo eating itself (with a King Crimson sample!)

Yes, you just read that . . . King Crimson sample.  After a few listens, it’s official:  We like it.  Give it a listen.  Good luck getting this short week started!  More to come.

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