We’re Still Here . . . And We Have Good News

Man alive, we didn’t think we’d leave you unattended for this long, but we appreciate the neverending patience.  We’re working (quite literally) to get back on track.  We’ll get to that.  The purpose of this post is to fill you in on some exciting news we’ve just finalized.

INLE is going to Bonnaroo.

The response to last week’s Bonnaroo post was exquisite.  It was so strong – after several high-level financial and legal negotiations – we’ll be rolling out a new contributor.  He’ll be giving us our own first-hand account of Bonnaroo 2010. 

We’ll let him do all the introductions when the time is right.  We’re working on a way to position the mothership close enough to East-Jesus-Nowhere-Middle-Tennessee (sorry, Manchester – we see, and appreciate, your civic pride) so our new contributor might be able to update us as things occur.  We’ll blame that rather technical ‘how to’ for our lack of content the last few days.

Here’s a tiny intro we will make on his behalf.  This song provision is the ringtone when the new guy calls INLE.  It’s additionally fitting because Manchester is south of Nashville (/loves atlases).  We’d also like to point out that this video quality is somewhat similar to what our vision has been like the last few days.  We’re clearing our eyes, doing some deep knee bends and taking some deeper breaths and refilling our collective heart to get things moving again.  Stay with us. 

Steve Earle with his second appearance on the page . . . South Nashville Blues

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One thought on “We’re Still Here . . . And We Have Good News

  1. […] referred to Manchester, TN as East Jesus Nowhere not all that long ago.  We should’ve considered this. […]

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