Kickstart: The Constellations

We’ve mentioned The Constellations before, but never on their own.  They’ve always been sharing the bed with some other something-or-another and we finally said to ourselves “Hey dick, these guys are good.  They get the bed to themselves.”  So we’ve made up a nice super-sized king bed for this 8-person band to fit into.  We’re about to tuck you in.

They were just featured in SPIN and were mentioned earlier this year, also by SPIN, as a SXSW “must hear.”  We’ll tag it as a If You Haven’t Already Heard, but chances are, if you’ve read on the reg, you’ve already heard.

In honor of their upcoming gig at Bonnaroo next weekend, INLE sends a much overdue, personalized, handwritten note from our corner of the interweb to our favorite up-and-coming band in the form of a Thursday Kickstart.

Rock well, guys and gals.  Good luck in Manchester next weekend.  We’ll be pulling for you to pull down all sorts of new fans before the album drops 6/22.  We know you will.

Two provisions to start today ’cause 1 – we’ve been absent too much this week and 2 – we want to sample as much as of The Constellations as possible.  Have a good Thursday, all.  We’re back in the driver’s seat and we’ve got the pedal down to the floor . . .

+ The Constellations’ collaborator Cee-Lo‘s new track, Georgia can be heard here (HELLO, soul!  Is that funk you brought with you?).  There is something about Atlanta, isn’t there?

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