Stealing the Covers: Unnecessary Drumming

This was too good not to share.  We expect you’ll laugh significantly.  We love the whole thing, but some subtle things we wanted to point out:  A) The camera person didn’t start out with a particular focus.  They found one pretty quickly, though.  B) Around the 2:30 mark, there appears to be some amount of “vogueing” with the drumsticks?!  C) I think this might be Phil Mickelson.

There’s plenty more.  This guy pisses intensity and spits nails.  I kind of wish he played piano, too.  We’ll just have to dream.

Rick K. and the Allnighters* with a well-intended but eventually comical cover of ZZ Top‘s Sharp Dressed Man

*Rick K. and the Allnighters take fanstastic pictures.  Tour dates are here.  We might have to make a trip.


2 thoughts on “Stealing the Covers: Unnecessary Drumming

  1. Davidson Co. Don Corleone says:

    How awesome is THAT guy? Too bad they all look like suburban real estate agents, what with the downturn and all.

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