Timeless and Timely: Mike Gordon

Happy 45th birthday, Mike Gordon.  You’re abilities on a trampoline . . . and more importantly as a musician deserve an INLE nod.  Twas at the University of Vermont where the members of Phish met.  They’ve made a significant musical impact on one Cazador over many years.  Not only that, but they will go down as one of the best live acts to play music on planet Earth.  Book it.  Argue if you’d like, but it’s futile.

If you haven’t been informed, we’ve got it on good word from several trusted sources that Mike and the other Phish boys are doing it better than ever these days.  Go see.  We’d like to.  We hope to.

An incredible musician, composer, author and filmmaker.  All that?  That is certainly well done, sir.

Happy birthday, Mike Gordon.  You should start the song off with some scintillating bass work:


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