Weekender: The Black Keys, Next Girl

We’re committing a semi-serious faux pas here – as we’ve already highlighted this very song several weeks ago – but since our first listen, we’ve decided it needs more undivided attention. 

INLE SCENE SETTING: Last week, la esposa de Cazador and I were enjoying some late week, evening cervezas on the deck.  Next Girl by The Black Keys began playing on the INLE iPod.  Spontaneously, dancing occurred. 

The idea is to let this song just move you around.  Play it this weekend.  Have a wonderful time at the same time

Big thanks again for everyone’s patience earlier in the week.  We’re saddled back up and looking forward to an eventful few weeks (first person accounts, awesome new music coming out, etc, etc).  Until then, travel safe, face the sun and go with it.  The Black Keys.  Next Girl.


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