Weekend Review: Musical Happenings @ INLE

Another summer weekend = another short roady for la familia de Cazador.  In our travels and relajación, we tripped, danced and stumbled upon some music.  Some of it was incredibly awesome.  Some of it was entirely insane.  Some was just plain flashback funny. 

Here’s the eclectic mess we revelled in this weekend.  I sincerely hope you were able to remember and put together a similar list of your own.  New music arrives tomorrow.  We’ll stay on top of it.  I’ll be taking in a live music show tomorrow night so expect to hear about that.  Bonnaroo (complete with INLE representation) gets going later in the week.  We’ll also be honoring the World Cup at some point (olé, olé, olé, olé).  We seem to have a nice little week packaged and bundled with love.  We’ll do our best to drop a Forget Me Not or a If You Haven’t Already Heard, too.  Stay close.

WHAM!  That’s really all you need to know.  Unfortunately this was provided in the form of “radio” and not “video.”  That’s probably better so that the mothership didn’t end up in the waters of the Atlantic after unintentional hilarity caused us to steer directly off course.  Whew.  There is some real “funny” taking place.  What’s with the ropes?  Kissing a woman?  Is that a chain?  Window blinds = dead f’n sexy.

Ed Note:  While moving deep into the bowels of youtube to recover this, we saw this comment on another video (we won’t name) and might have (read: definitely did) burst into laughter: 

So insanely jealous of all who went to the concert!! Nickelback are literally the best band ever and garth brooks is a very close second lol!! Love that so much 🙂

lol!! + smiley face emoticon, indeed.  Moving on.  We’ve said a little about Florence + The Machine recently . . . and for good reason.  That wasn’t wind.  It was Florence’s voice blowing a storm straight into your soul.

NECESITO MÁS “ECLÉCTICA!”  Si.  I’ve never been a tremendous Fat Joe fan.  I mean . . . it’s kinda here and there . . . a nice dancy track from time to time (INLE don’t dance, we just pull up our pants and do the rockaway).  We like this one, though.  Slow down, son . . . you killin’ ’em.

PS – LOVE Young Jeezy . . . especially when he’s ghost-riding expensive cars.  Diddy?  Whaaaa?

To end it, we spent a good amount of time revisiting couscous‘ suggestion on Little Feat‘s Waiting for Columbus live album.  We miss his written words, but his recommendations live on.  The sax crescendo / solo portion of Mercenary Territory made me want to cry, fight and scream with joy . . . ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  Bonkers stuff, kids.  Youtube failed us here (for a version with Lowell George), but that’s okay since they usually come through.  No hard feelings.  Just go ahead and buy this one.


One thought on “Weekend Review: Musical Happenings @ INLE

  1. Sideburns says:

    Tight white leather pants, feathered hair, pelvic thrusts, once I started “Careless Whisper” I had to listen to through to its climactic finish and remind myself that, “No, I am never going to dance again”. Thank you INLE, thank you.

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