More New Music: Mt. Desolation, Deer Tick, MORE!

A nod and a wink to for the heads up on the first bit of new music.  Mt. Desolation is the latest in a recurring theme of “super groups” (even though most hate that label).  Members of The Killers, Noah and the Whale, Keane and Mumford and Sons comprise this thing called Mt. Desolation.  They’ve got a free download of their song State of Affairs here.  We’ve got you covered if you’re not into the whole mp3 downloading (internet can’t be trusted canadian pharmacy money transfer from western africa whatnot).

More, more, more.  Deer Tick released their third full length LP today in the form of The Black Dirt Sesssions.  Rhode Island is home, the sound is cool . . . like folky, country that rocks. 

Delta Spirit shows up with their second LP History From Below.  Yep, yep.  We like it.

The Henry Clay People are getting a nod because the band name is right f’n on.  Good work.  It’s punky-guitar heavy sound might not be your thing.  HOW-EVAH, it might be.  The album is Somewhere On The Golden Coast

This ain’t a scene, it’s very much JUST a place to be.  Glad you stopped by.  Enjoy the new music, kiddos.

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